Delve into the world of mushroom coffee lattes with these 22 innovative recipes, blending earthy mushrooms with coffee and a variety of flavors for a unique drinking experience.

Classic Mushroom Coffee Latte

Earthy mushrooms with coffee, subtle and grounding for a classic latte experience.

Mushroom Mocha Latte

Rich chocolate with earthy mushrooms, indulgent and comforting for mocha enthusiasts.

Reishi Mushroom Latte

Reishi mushrooms with coffee, earthy and known for their calming properties.

Chaga Mushroom Latte

Chaga mushrooms with coffee, robust and packed with antioxidants.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Latte

Lion’s mane mushrooms with coffee, creamy and celebrated for cognitive benefits.

Cordyceps Mushroom Latte

Cordyceps mushrooms with coffee, energizing and known for boosting endurance.

Shiitake Mushroom Latte


I’ve been making this latte on repeat this fall. I love it because @ryzesuperfoods doesn’t make me jittery like typical coffee. It is filled with 6 amazing mushrooms: cordyceps, lions mane, reishi, shiitake, turkey tail, king trumpet #ryzepartner #anxiety #coffee #wellnesstips #hormonehealth

♬ original sound – Maty Harrington

Shiitake mushrooms with coffee, savory and nutritious for a satisfying latte.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Latte

Turkey tail mushrooms with coffee, earthy and revered for immune support.

Matcha Mushroom Latte

Matcha green tea with mushrooms and coffee, vibrant and packed with antioxidants.

Vanilla Mushroom Latte

Smooth vanilla with mushrooms and coffee, subtly sweet and creamy for a delightful latte.

Chocolate Mushroom Latte

Decadent chocolate with mushrooms and coffee, rich and satisfying for a chocolate lover’s treat.

Coconut Mushroom Latte

Creamy coconut with mushrooms and coffee, tropical and soothing for a coconut latte enthusiast.

Pumpkin Spice Mushroom Latte

Warm pumpkin spice with mushrooms and coffee, comforting and perfect for autumn.

Ginger Mushroom Latte

Spicy ginger with mushrooms and coffee, invigorating and warming for a spicy latte.

Cinnamon Mushroom Latte

Warm cinnamon with mushrooms and coffee, comforting and reminiscent of cinnamon buns.

Turmeric Mushroom Latte

Golden turmeric with mushrooms and coffee, anti-inflammatory and warming for a soothing latte.

Maple Mushroom Latte

Sweet maple syrup with mushrooms and coffee, comforting and perfect for a maple latte lover.

Peppermint Mushroom Latte

Cool peppermint with mushrooms and coffee, refreshing and perfect for a minty latte.

Ashwagandha Mushroom Latte

Ashwagandha with mushrooms and coffee, adaptogenic and balancing for a calming latte.

Maca Mushroom Latte

Maca root with mushrooms and coffee, energizing and known for stamina enhancement.

Honey Mushroom Latte

Sweet honey with mushrooms and coffee, smooth and indulgent for a honey-infused latte.

Lavender Mushroom Latte

Relaxing lavender with mushrooms and coffee, floral and soothing for a calming latte experience.

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