24 delightful Nescafé hot coffee recipes to enjoy at home, each offering a unique twist on classic flavors, perfect for cozy coffee moments.

Classic Nescafé Instant Coffee

A timeless favorite, rich and aromatic, perfect for a quick and satisfying cup of coffee.

Nescafé Latte

Smooth espresso with steamed milk, creamy and balanced for a classic café-style latte experience.

Nescafé Cappuccino

Strong espresso topped with frothy milk, perfect for those who enjoy a lighter and foamier coffee drink.

Nescafé Americano

Espresso diluted with hot water, bold and robust, ideal for those who prefer a stronger coffee flavor.

Nescafé Mocha

Rich chocolate with espresso and steamed milk, indulgent and perfect for chocolate lovers.

Nescafé Espresso

Strong and intense, pure espresso for a quick and powerful coffee experience.

Nescafé Macchiato

Espresso “stained” with a dash of steamed milk, bold and flavorful with a hint of creaminess.

Nescafé Affogato

Espresso poured over vanilla ice cream, a delightful combination of hot and cold, perfect for dessert lovers.

Nescafé Irish Coffee

Coffee with Irish whiskey and cream, warm and boozy, ideal for a comforting and spirited coffee experience.

Nescafé Vanilla Coffee

Smooth vanilla flavor with espresso and milk, sweet and aromatic for a delightful coffee break.

Nescafé Hazelnut Coffee

Nutty hazelnut flavor with espresso and milk, a comforting and indulgent treat for hazelnut enthusiasts.

Nescafé Caramel Coffee

Sweet caramel with espresso and milk, creamy and perfect for a caramelized coffee indulgence.

Nescafé Almond Coffee

Subtle almond flavor with espresso and milk, nutty and refreshing for a unique coffee experience.

Nescafé Coconut Coffee

Tropical coconut flavor with espresso and milk, creamy and exotic for a refreshing coffee twist.

Nescafé Peppermint Mocha

Cool peppermint with chocolate, espresso, and milk, refreshing and perfect for a festive coffee treat.

Nescafé Pumpkin Spice Latte

Warm pumpkin spices with espresso and milk, comforting and perfect for autumn mornings.

Nescafé White Chocolate Mocha

Creamy white chocolate with espresso and milk, luxurious and indulgent for a sweet coffee experience.

Nescafé Tiramisu Coffee

Rich coffee with hints of mascarpone and cocoa, reminiscent of the classic Italian dessert.

Nescafé Gingerbread Latte

Warm gingerbread spices with espresso and milk, festive and perfect for holiday season.

Nescafé Maple Pecan Coffee

Toasty pecan flavor with maple syrup, espresso, and milk, nutty and sweet for a cozy coffee break.

Nescafé Chai Latte

Spicy chai flavors with espresso and milk, aromatic and perfect for a spiced coffee experience.

Nescafé Honey Nut Coffee


Today’s #nespresso #recipe is Honey Oat Café au Lait. To make this yourself, place 1 Tbsp honey into glass, froth 6 oz of oat milk, brew a #nespressovertuo #doubleespresso #chiaro pod directly into glass, add milk and stir to combine. #cheers #coffee #coffeerecipe #yummy #goodmorning

♬ Livin’ in the Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moon Light – Tiny Tim

Sweet honey with nutty undertones, espresso, and milk, comforting and indulgent for honey lovers.

Nescafé Salted Caramel Coffee

Sweet caramel with a hint of salt, espresso, and milk, balanced and perfect for a sweet-savory coffee treat.

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