Are you a coffee lover who is also conscious about the environment and animal welfare? Look no further than this vegan iced coffee recipe! This recipe uses only plant-based ingredients to create a refreshing and delicious iced coffee that is both cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

To start, gather your ingredients, which include organic coffee beans, almond milk, agave syrup, and ice. Begin by brewing a strong cup of coffee using your preferred method, whether it’s a French press, pour-over, or espresso machine. Once the coffee is brewed, let it cool for a few minutes before pouring it over a glass filled with ice.

Next, add your desired amount of almond milk to the coffee. Almond milk is a great dairy-free alternative that provides a creamy texture and nutty flavor to your iced coffee. For sweetness, drizzle in some agave syrup or another natural sweetener of your choice.

Give the mixture a good stir, and voila! Your delicious and guilt-free vegan iced coffee is ready to be enjoyed. This recipe is not only perfect for those who follow a vegan diet but also for anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint and support ethical and sustainable food choices.

So why not give this vegan iced coffee recipe a try and savor the taste of a refreshing drink without harming animals or the environment?

Exploring coffee origins and blends that complement vegan iced coffee

Choosing the right coffee blend is crucial to the flavor profile of your vegan iced coffee. Consider exploring various coffee origins and blends that complement the nutty flavor of almond milk and the sweetness of agave syrup. For example, Brazilian coffee beans are known for their rich and chocolatey flavor, making them a great addition to your vegan iced coffee. Alternatively, Ethiopian coffee beans offer fruity and floral notes, which can provide a refreshing twist to your drink. It’s worth experimenting with different blends and roast levels to find the perfect match for your taste buds.

Vegan iced coffee recipe

Vegan iced coffee recipe

moka coffee pot
This vegan iced coffee recipe is a refreshing and delicious way to enjoy your coffee guilt-free. It uses only plant-based ingredients such as organic coffee beans, almond milk, and agave syrup to create a cruelty-free and eco-friendly beverage.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course beverage
Cuisine vegan and vegetarian
Servings 1 servings
Calories 50 kcal


  • 1 coffee maker
  • 1 Glass
  • 1 Spoon


  • 1 cup brewed organic coffee
  • ½ cup almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon agave syrup


  • Brew a cup of organic coffee and let it cool for a few minutes.
  • Fill a glass with ice.
  • Pour the coffee over the ice.
  • Add almond milk and agave syrup to the glass.
  • Stir well.
  • Enjoy your vegan iced coffee!


Nutritional Values:
This vegan iced coffee recipe contains approximately 50 calories, 1g of fat, 10g of carbohydrates, and 1g of protein per serving.
Additional Notes/Tips:
For an extra flavor boost, you can try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon or a dash of vanilla extract to your vegan iced coffee. You can also experiment with different plant-based milks and sweeteners to find your perfect combination.
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The art of creating latte art for vegan iced coffee

Who says you can’t enjoy latte art with your vegan iced coffee? With a little practice and patience, you can create beautiful and intricate designs on top of your drink. Start by frothing your almond milk until it reaches a creamy and silky consistency. Then, slowly pour it into your coffee while holding the pitcher at an angle. Use a toothpick or a latte art tool to create designs such as hearts, flowers, or even animals. The key is to pour the milk evenly and at a consistent speed. Not only will your vegan iced coffee taste delicious, but it will also look visually stunning.


Can I use a different plant-based milk in this recipe?

Yes, you can use any plant-based milk of your choice. Almond milk provides a nutty flavor and creamy texture, but you can also use soy milk, oat milk, or coconut milk.

Can I use regular sugar instead of agave syrup?

Yes, you can substitute agave syrup with any natural sweetener of your choice, such as maple syrup, honey, or stevia. Regular sugar can also be used, but it may not dissolve well in cold beverages.

Can I make a batch of vegan iced coffee and store it in the fridge?

Yes, you can make a larger batch of this recipe and store it in the fridge for later consumption. However, the ice will melt and dilute the coffee, so it may not be as strong as the freshly made version.

Can I use decaf coffee for this recipe?

Yes, you can use decaf coffee if you prefer to avoid caffeine. The taste and texture of your vegan iced coffee will not be affected.

Can I use flavored coffee for this recipe?

Yes, you can use flavored coffee to add a unique twist to your vegan iced coffee. However, keep in mind that the flavor of the coffee may overpower the almond milk and agave syrup, so adjust the amount of sweetener accordingly.

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